General Timeline of Nyralia

Spring 9718- King Volneum discovers that Baron Dulthos has been working with Solthar and secretly providing the rebel with aid. Volneum, for some reason unable to control Dulthos with the Crown of Unity, orders all 9 other barons to declare war on Dulthos.

Summer 9718- Following King Volneum’s edict, Baron Hoganmueller attacks Dulthos’s lumber camps with the aid of imperial troops, sparking the Second War of the Forest. The Orcish General Krull destroys the Druidic Defense Force arrayed against him and pushes far into the Great Forest.

Winter 9728- Solthar is corronated Emperor Solthar in the newly renamed City of Dread.

Summer 9778- The Hero Jane Truthseeker, armed with the Sword of Destiny, leads a band of heroes and a small army directly into the City of Dread. The Last Battle, as it would later be dubbed, concludes with the disappearence and presumed death of Solthar, marking the end of his murderous reign.

General Timeline of Nyralia

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