Twisted Magical Genius Operating out of a Floating Fortress while Unleashing Horrible Monstrosities on Unsuspecting Populations for Fun


Xae’len is the most powerful Wizard on the Planet. One of Solthars “Circle of Dread”, Xae’len enjoyed unlimited access to some of the deepest and darkest magical secrets in all Nyralia. In exchange for this power, he helped create horrible monstrosities and consructs to add to Solthars massive armies.

His Elvish heritage and alliance with Solthar lead those few surviving elves to refer to him as “The Great Betrayer”

During the Final Battle with Solthar, Xae’len was not present. It is unknown why he was not aiding his master. He now acts independently. Though the location of his fortress is unknown, it is common knowledge that he has a working relationship with Partinal, and that the two trade resources and knowledge openly.


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