Ulianov was born in the Sacred Grove of the forest centuries ago. He emerged during the Hoganmueller-Centaur War along with his brother Mercador as defenders of the forest. However, a rift formed between the two over the place of gnollkind in the forest, Mercador wanting to wipe out the vicious creatures, and Ulianov believing that they had a roll to play in the forest. A further rift would form when the Necromancer Solthar rose to power. Mercador had no in the politics of the Southern Plains. Ulianov however, saw a potentially powerful ally in Solthar, and admired his resistance to the crown of King Volneus. After Baron Von Hoganmueller used the revelation of the Dulthos-Solthar pact as a pretense to invade the forest, Ulianov would reach out to Dulthos to meet with Solthar. The two formed an alliance and Solthar sent a signifigant portion of his forces to attack Hoganmueller on his Southern front. When Hoganmuellers Orcish General Krull was able to surround and besiege the Druidic Circle, despite Mercador best efforts at guerilla warfare, it was Ulianov who saved the Druids. He arrived at the head of a massive army of undead and gnolls. With him was the previously unheard of druidess Lothell. Lothell would declare herself to be the new leader of the Druidic Council. While both Mercador and Ulianov saw the danger of Solthars vassal, only Mercador resisted her. Ulianov supported her claim to the leadership of the circle, and when several druids declared him as a traitor, he led an undead assault and destroyed the Druidic College. Ulianov realized the extent of his folly when Solthar was coronated as Emperor. In his first month as Emperor, Solthar declared the forest as his and announced it would be used as a massive labor camp for political dissidents. Ulianov prepared his gnoll forces and those fey and rangers loyal to him to prepare for war against Solthar. When Mercador rebuked Ulianovs offers for cooperation, Ulianov decided he would send his forces South to the Great Plains, planning to cut Solthars supply lines to the forest and aid his Brother from afar. Here he was captured by the Orcish General Rok’zor I and imprisoned. He was sent to the Elvish Wizard Xael’len, who used an experimental procudure to capture him alive in a painting, all the while conscious and painfully aware of his surroundings.

Later Ulianov would be released by the Sorceress Zaida when she and her ally 6.022 raided the Library of Solthar to retrieve the Rings of the Barons. Ulianov, heavily wounded, was given a ring and ordered to take over the forest in Zaida’s name. Zaida would soon have second thoughts about sending the Satyr on his own however, and followed her new ally Agdam into the forest after her new vassal.

Ulianov met with some of his former allies in the Black Dragon Flight. Promising them vengence against Mercador for his part in murdering the Great Black Wyrm, he left with a small band to release the High Gnollish Priest Daken from his prison in Traitors Grove. Zaida, 6.022, and Agdam caught up to Ulianov in Traitors Grove, where Agdam prevented Ulianov from releasing Daken. When the party was unable to agree on Ulianovs final fate, they agreed to let the Druidic Council, currently in session, sit in judgement of his actions.

During this trial, Agdam argued to the Druids that Ulianov could not be held responsible for any of his actions since leaving his prison, as he had been under the control another. The Warforged 6.022 confirmed to the Druids that this was indeed Zaida. Zaida was given a choice to surrender her pawn Ulianov or to be reborn as a child of nature. She chose the later.

Ulianov was then allowed to regain his title as protector of the forest. He was assigned to battle the massing forces of Partinal, under the control of the Goblin King. He convinced Agdam, 6.022, and Zaida to move South and aid him in his war.


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