Mercador came to power during the Centaur-Hoganmuller War. He began his military career by destroying the partisan gnoll groups aiding the General Krull. Together, he and his Brother Ulianov repelled Krulls invasion and saved the forest.

At this point, Mercador planned to destroy the gnoll encampments in the forest and rid the woods of the violent creatures permanently. He was dismayed to find that some rangers were aiding the Gnolls escape his onslaught and form new camps to the North and East. Even more more disturbing was the revelation that his brother Ulianov was responsible for this aid. The two argued about the fate of gnollkind. While unable to reach a resolution, they decided to form two seperate bands of rangers, both dedicated to defending the forest, but unable to agree upon the best emans of doing so or what defense of the forest meant.

After the Solthar-Dulthos pact was revealed years later, Hoganmueller and a legion of Imperial Troops again stormed the forest. Mercador led a fierce effort to resist Krull through guerilla warfare, but was ultimately unable to stop the Orcish General. Krull, seeking a deathblow against the resistance of the forest, prepared a massive assault on the Druidic Circle while the Druidic Council was in session, planning to paralyze the command of the forest. For one full year the forces of King Volneus and Hoganmueller laid siege to the Druidic Circle. Mercador was unable to break this resistance. However, his brother Ulianov arrived with massive gnollish undead forces and destroyed Krulls armies. This victory was not long to be celebrated however, as the Druidess Lothell, at the head of the army with Ulianov, declared herself to be the new Steward of the forest and disbanded the Druidic Circle.

The Elder member of the Circle, Barkback, was incensed at this violation. He ordered Mercador and Ulianov not to take any orders from this usurper and to restore the Druidic Council to its rightful place. Mercador began a war against the undead, using his fey and rangers to hunt down the creatures. However, Ulianov supported Lothell’s claim as Stewardess, and ordered his rangers to aid her forces. This resulted in him being branded a traitor by the Druidic Circle. In retaliation, Ulianov led a large number of undead to burn the Druidic College.

Mercador continued to resist Lothell into Solthars coronation. When labor camps were established for many of Solthars political dissidents, Mercador led his rangers and fey in an underground resistance movement. Mercador would be critical in bringing down Solthars reign of terror when Jane Truthseeker would later emerge to challenge the dictator.

After the war, Mercador found himself under attack by the Undead General Krang. The two were locked in a struggle which lasted three decades. Lines of demarcation held steady, as neither side was able to make much headway into enemy territory. However, when the Undead Warrior Zidane Excelsior attacked Krang and cut him in half, Mercadors forces rapidlay began advancing South on the disorganized army.

Facing partisan resistance from the Black Dragons of the swamp, Mercador jumped at the oppurtunity to aid Zidane Excelsior and the vassals of Draconic Executor Scalixis when they crash landed in Mercadors territory from their airship, seeking to kill the elder most dragon. Mercador aided them in this endeavor, and in doing so formed an alliance with Scalixis.

While he has heard of his brother Ulianovs release, he has been unable to react as of yet due to the war with Krang’s forces.


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